Q. How do I get Vitamin D from these.
A. Its best if you take a walk in the morning sun for this. If you want more then better to eat Almonds

Q. Is it Advisable for Diabetics ?
A. Some of our products are completely free of added sugar. Those which are safe for diabetics are – Flaxseed Fusion, Beej Blast & Seed Salsa. For those who like to eat Jaggery instead of sugar should try the Gud, Gaund & Gossip. People who like to eat the natural sugar in berries should try the Berry Bites.

Q. Is it Advisable for Pregnant Women ?
A. Here, at Libray of Nuts we have specially designed a Muncie for pregnanat and lactating mothers – Gud, Gaund & Gossip ! It is infused with ajwain, white sesame and gaund , all which help the new mom in her strength.

Q. Is it advisable for Heart Patients ?
A. The products are all dry roasted in the oven and save for consumption for anyone looking for a healthy substitute.

Q. What if I don’t like a certain product ?
A. We encourage our clients to sample our products before buying larger jars, so please call 022 40463535 to get your free sample today !

Q. Can you customise a product for us ?
A. Yes ! We do customise a product but only upto 2 kgs.

Q. Any store where I can find it ?
A. We have dealers over many cities. Please check our dealer list. If we are not in your city then we will ship it to you.

Q. How do I try the other products ?
A. Do call us for free samples – 022 40463535

Q. Can I take these and keep it at an exhibition ?
A. We only let our registered dealers do exhibitions.

Q. Can children consume these ?
A. Yes ! Our products are all safe and highly nutritional for children to consume. It is a innovative way of feeding nuts and seeds to the young ones.

Q. Do they work as a digestive ?
A. These work as a great digestive. The saunff and the spices ( ajwain and jeera ) content in these help aid digestion. The seeds and nuts also help us to get boost of micro nutrients which we seldom consume in our daily diet.

Q. Do I get discounts on bulk orders ?
A. Yes ! We do give discounts according to the quantity . Please call us on 022- 40463535.

Q. What is the shelf life ?
A. The shelf life of most of the products are about 6 months. It is also mentioned on all the jars.

Q. What are the shipping costs ?
A. All orders are shipped with minimum shipping cost. It does vary according to the urgency of the order.